Warrior – Resurrected (Compilation) (2016)

Warrior – Resurrected (Compilation) (2016)
Country: UK
Genre: Heavy Metal / NWOBHM
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps (CD Rip)
Size: 239 Mb

01. Prisoner (For Europe Only)
02. Suicide (For Europe Only)
03. Kansas City (For Europe Only)
04. Warrior (For Europe Only)
05. Flying High (For Europe Only)
06. Addiction (Tape Session)
07. Dead When It Comes To Love (Tape Session)
08. Rock’n’Roll Rockstar (Tape Session)
09. Stab In The Back (Tape Session)
10. Breakout (Breakout Single)
11. Dragonslayer (Breakout Single)
12. Take Your Chance (Breakout Single)
13. Stab In The Back (Live in a Dive)
14. Kansas City (Live in a Dive)
15. Prisoner (Live in a Dive)
16. Suicide (Live in a Dive)
17. Addiction (Live in a Dive)
18. Dead When It Comes To Love (Live in a Dive)
19. Rock’n’Roll Star (Live in a Dive)
20. The Troops (Live in a Dive)
21. Flying High (Live in a Dive)
22. Warrior (Live in a Dive)

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