Ray Manzarek (ex The Doors) – Carmina Burana (1983)

Artist: Ray Manzarek
Title: Carmina Burana
Year Of Release: 1983
Genre: Rock, Blues
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Total Time: 39:57
Total Size: 102 MB
WebSite: Album Preview

01. Destiny: Ruler Of The World: The Wheel Of Fortune (O Fortuna) (03:05)
02. Destiny: Ruler Of The World: The Wounds Of Fate (Fortune Plango) (03:45)
03. Springtime: The Face Of Spring (Veris Leta Facies) (04:15)
04. Springtime: Sunrise (Omnia Sol Temperat) (02:14)
05. Springtime: Welcome (Ecce Gratum) (02:45)
06. Springtime: The Dance (Tanz) (02:26)
07. Springtime: Sweetest Boy (Dulcissime) (00:33)
08. Springtime: If The Whole World Was Mine (Were Diu Werlt Alle Min) (00:53)
09. In The Tavern: Boiling Rage (Estuans Interius) (03:15)
10. In The Tavern: The Roasted Swan (Olim Lacus) (02:11)
11. In The Tavern: In The Tavern (In Taberna) (02:35)
12. The Court Of Love: Love Flies Everywhere (Amor Volat) (02:08)
13. The Court Of Love: A Young Girl (Stetit Puella) (02:54)
14. The Court Of Love: Come, My Beauty (Veni Veni Venias) (02:36)
15. The Court Of Love: The Lovers (Blanzifor Et Helena) (01:16)
16. Destiny: Ruler Of The World: The Wheel Of Fortune (O Fortuna) (03:08)

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