VA – The Tango Club Night Vol.4 (2016)

Artist: VA
Title: The Tango Club Night Vol.4
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Lola’s World Germany
Genre: Broken Beat, Nu Jazz, Deep House, Tech House
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 02:50:33
Total Size: 396 Mb

Tracklist :
CD1: Electro Tango DJ Mix
1. Federico Aubele – Postales (Original)
2. Gotan Project – Chunga´s Revenge
3. Federico Aubele – Pena (Original)
4. Gotan Project – Arrabal
5. BA Jam – Ingocnito
6. Gotan Project – El Capitalismo Foràneo
7. Minimatic – Tapping Tango
8. Juan Carlos Cáceres – José Marmol Y Tarija
9. Otros Aires – Percanta
10. Peder feat. Anne Trolle – White Lilies
11. DJ Lopo & Nicola Gatti – Tango
12. Otros Aires – Amor Que Se Baila
13. Tanghetto – Muerte Del Prejuicio (Aetherea Mix)
14. Electro Dub Tango – La Bohemia
15. Pascale Charreton – Vertige Tango
16. Giulio LNT – Cinco De La Tarde (Larsen & Luca Marano Mix)
17. Intended Immigration – Tout Tourne (2 To Tango Mix)
18. Vivi Pedraglio – Soy Del Sur
19. Soapkills – Tango
CD2: Tango House DJ Mix
1. Marcelo Rosselot feat. Oportus – Viaje En Tango (Aldo Cadiz Remix)
2. Denny Lee – Tango In Love
3. Rainer Weichhold – Tango For Noemi (Original)
4. Consoul Trainin & Pink Noisy – Tango To Evora (Club Mix)
5. Ariane Blank – Two To Tango (Original)
6. Black Look – When Venus Dance The Tango (Original Mix)
7. Chris Rockford pres. Ford Electro – Tango Electronica (Hanna Hansen & David Puentes
Groovin’ Bassline Mix)
8. DJ Nikita Gornyy – Tango Style Puerto (Original Mix)
9. Unit Blue – Tango Bay (Manuel Estevez Remix)
10. Electro Dub Tango – Mundo Bizarro (Dub Version)
11. Bulevard Tango Club – Libertango
12. Samarcanda´ – Tango Beat (Ballroom Nightfly Mix)
13. Hoffmannstrasse – Tango Chase (Original Mix)
14. Peppino Principe – Tangos Concert For A. Piazzolla (Single Dance Remix)
15. Derrick Flair – Takes Two To Tango (Original)
16. Tom Leeland & Carlos Mendes – Tango To Hvar (Jankovic & Pender Remix)
In order to avoid any misunderstandings, Tango musicians have not attempted to approach the sound of House (which usually reveals that tango musicians are rarely at home in the club world), but here much more well-known house producers, The unusual tango sounds, in their respective electronic cosmos. So people such as Marcelo Rosselot, Rainer Weichhold, Chris Rockford and Tom Leeland, who are usually found in “Deep House” or “Tech House”. “The Tango Club Night Vol. 4” was, as always, from DJ Ralph “von” Richthoven.

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