High Spirits – Motivator

Artist: High Spirits
Album: Motivator
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: USA
Released: 2016
Format: MP3 CBR 320 kbps

01. Up and Overture
02. Flying High
03. This Is the Night
04. Reach for the Glory
05. Do You Wanna Be Famous
06. Haunted by Love
07. Down the Endless Road
08. Take Me Home
09. Thank You
Line Up:
Chris Black – All instruments, Vocals (Aktor, Dawnbringer, Metalusafer, Pharaoh, Superchrist, ex-Sculptured, ex-Final Prayer, ex-Nachtmystium)
Bob Scott – Bass (Züül)
Ian Sugierski – Drums (Moros Nyx, Wastelander, Dawnbringer (live), Superchrist, Wolfbait, Cemetery, Overnight Sensation, Red Swan, ex-Blue Snaggletooth, ex-Dr. Röck, ex-The End Times, ex-The Meatmen)
Scott Hoffman – Guitars (Dawnbringer, ex-Edenrot, ex-Winterlong)
Mike Bushur – Guitars (Oblong Box, Züül)

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