Melissa Menago – Little Crimes (2016) [HDTracks]

Title: Little Crimes
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Chesky Records
Genre: Folk, Pop, Binaural +
Quality: FLAC (tracks) [24bit 96kHz]
Total Time: 49:06
Total Size: 966 MB (Covers)

Transitioning from being in a band to going solo is never easy. Particularly for a lead singer who is so identifiable as the face of the band, the act of going solo involves a certain amount of reshaping one’s identity and also reframing audience’s expectations. For Melissa Menago, her transition into solo work appears to have been a smooth one. Known mostly as the lead singer of the rock group June Divided, Menago recently released her first solo album enTitled Little Crimes
The album is decidedly gentler than June Divided’s more hard-hitting sound, with songs usually featuring only Menago’s voice and guitar, along with some minimal percussion spread throughout. Menago’s guitar playing is tight and her voice is more exposed and affected than some of her work with June Divided. She lets her delivery ride along with the emotions of her words. At times the music shows tendencies of writing for a group and almost begs for Menago’s band mates to join in, but she still manages to find her voice as a solo Artist.
The most noticeable aspect of the music from the album’s opening moments is Menago’s rhythmic guitar playing. The repeating figure that starts “Traveler” establishes her strong musicianship and unique ideas in songwriting. The other obvious noteworthy piece of the music is Menago’s voice, which is vulnerable but true as she sings about finding her way in the world. While most of the song is mellow and introspective with lines like: “All the open roads can’t help me find the truth,” there are moments the lean toward the more aggressive style of a rock band, particularly in the chorus with her rhythmic delivery of the line, “I was just overthinking it.” Menago’s performance is effective but she still seems to be straddling the two worlds of sensitive solo work and more bombastic writing. …..
(Evan Crandell,
01. Traveler
02. 11th Hour
03. Airplane
04. Can’t Help Falling In Love/Somewhere Beyond The Sea
05. The Other Side
06. Little Crimes
07. Hallelujah
08. If The Fire Goes Out
09. If You Were Here
10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Such Great Heights
11. Smoke Signs
12. Burning Away
Melissa Menago – vocals, guitar
Chris Kissel – guitar
Keith Gill – percussion

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