Mandy Rowden – 1000 Miles (2016)

Title: 1000 Miles
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Self Produced
Genre: Country/Rock/Folk/Americana
Quality: MP3 320 Kbps
Total Time: 35:55
Total Size: 101 MB

1. Let Me In (2:52)
2. 1,000 Miles (3:41)
3. Flood Song (3:44)
4. Big Moon (4:17)
5. Were You In Love (3:47)
6. Amazing Grace (3:06)
7. Think About Me (4:09)
8. 5 O’clock World (3:02)
9. No Greater Silence (3:19)
10. Lost Love (3:53)
Mandy Rowden was born into a fundamentalist Baptist household and raised in East Texas where she was homeschooled throughout her adolescence. The Rowden family was restricted to a regimen of gospel and classical music and, as any respectful child does, she adhered to her parents beliefs while taking up classical violin and piano at a mere six years old. Rowden’s parents noticed her natural abilities, and as a result of her insatiable musical wanderlust, or perhaps fearlessness, Rowden rejected her family’s notion of what is acceptable and picked up a guitar in high school. With each strum her passion for the instrument grew exponentially; her worldview changed when she unlocked the long forbidden door to rock music at twenty one.
Rowden is a student for life and plays an always-expanding list of instruments that now includes: piano, fiddle, mandolin, bass, harmonica, drums, ukulele, and banjo. She has applied her expertise and passion for music by founding Girl Guitar, a musical workshop and complete “Rock School for women” that involves teaching women of all ages to become confident performers in six-week classes. Ranging from picking up a guitar for the first time to crafting songs, learning drums, and jamming in a Metallica cover band, Girl Guitar’s offerings have surpassed Rowden’s wildest dreams for the program.


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